Servant Solutions Retirement Plan

Online Remittance of Plan Contributions

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ACH Contribution Authorization
Authorization agreement for direct debit to checking account
(for remittance of Servant Solutions Retirement Plan contributions)


Church of God employers or participants can authorize Servant Solutions to debit their checking account for remittance of contributions to the Servant Solutions Retirement Plan. Here is how it works:


  1. Complete the ACH Contribution Authorization form (required prior to the first remittance, or when there is a remitting agent change) and fax or mail the form to Servant Solutions. Then, the remitting agent will be informed by Servant Solutions when access to the online remittance system has been approved.

    • This form authorizes Servant Solutions to debit the stated checking account via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system for the amount of contributions the remitting agent indicates via their online request (step 2).

    • This form also informs Servant Solutions of the remitting agent’s email address and also establishes the remitter’s password to enable access to the online remittance system.

  2. Following approval (step 1), the remitting agent can then log-in via the UserName (Remitting agent’s email address) and the password indicated on the ACH Contribution Authorization form. Upon log-in, your unique remittance schedule/form is presented online so that the remitting agent can input the contribution type and amount to be processed for the participant(s). After the remitting agent proofs the online data input, the “Submit” button is clicked to authorize the ACH checking account debit process.

  3. Servant Solutions reviews the remitting agent’s online submission and processes an ACH debit to the authorized checking account. The checking account debit will be processed as early as the day of the remittance submission or within 5 business days from the date of submission.


Note: New enrollment application forms must be submitted (fax: 765-642-3942) and the account established prior to remitting a contribution for a new employee – Servant Solutions will modify the employer’s remittance schedule following receipt of the new employee’s application form. Only after this step is completed may a contribution be remitted for a new employee.